Before sex toys were invented, according to an urban legend, Cleopatra was the first to use a carved gourd filled with bees. The bees buzzing inside stimulated her genitals. Cleopatra was always looking for creative tools to satisfy herself. It is a myth but sheds light that women desiring sexual pleasure go back a long time. How the vibrator originated is still a bit cloudy and not completely defined in history.

19th century

George Taylor, a physician, was known to create the first vibrator and designed to relieve a condition called ‘Hysteria’ in women. Hysteria was treated before the origin of the vibrator in the 13th century with a pelvic massage. The doctors found it tiring to give a hand job manually, so they designed a machine. The doctors believed that hysteria was a female issue, which they were treating. They hardly had any inkling that the women were experiencing sexual frustration.

With genital massage, the women had an orgasm and dramatically got relieved from hysteria. Doctor’s called women’s orgasms ‘ outbursts’, as they were unaware that women could experience a climax or had a sexual feeling.

There were several substitutes for hands invented like water-driven gadgets, steam-driven dildos, and pumps. However, these were messy, risky, cumbersome, and often unreliable. In 1880, Dr. Granville, a physician, patented electromechanical vibrators.

20th century

At the start of the 19th century, electrical appliances got introduced in homes. Plug-in and battery-powered vibrators were immediate hits. Paroxysm got reliably, safely, and quickly treated. Now, women avoided going to doctors for hysteria treatment as they bought the devices. In the US, masturbation was looked down upon and slandered, and in some starts, it was criminal. The device designed for stimulating human genital organs was prohibited.

To get around archaic laws, vibrators were sold as “personal massagers.” Necessary to make them socially acceptable. The devices were clunky and loud but got upgraded often. In 1960, vibrators were popular, and their demand soared. Women’s sexual pleasure was socially acknowledged for the first time. Dr. Granville started to create her sex toys, which were appealing and not heavy and scary.

In 1983, animal shapes and bright-colored vibrators got introduced. The doctor invented forms like kangaroos, beavers, turtles, and penis-like components for internal stimulation and ticklers for the external spur. However, the Rabbit vibrator was popular as it appeared in a movie.

21st century

Sex toys got a definite stylish upgrade. There were different types of sex toys designed for other body parts. The device was aesthetic and sleek. With minimalist design technology, women bought sexuality and pleasure together.

As a woman, she understands her pleasure, so a female designing a sex toy makes sense. It has become easy to buy sex toys because you can find them in mainstream and online stores. Vibrators are discussed openly on popular shows like Oprah Winfrey Show. However, stigma still exists in some states and communities.

With the advancement in technology, you can buy eco-friendly rechargeable models for medical-grade silicone vibrators. Smart vibrators are remote-controlled and even programmed to sync with your favorite song.


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