CBD is obtained from different natural sources that are found in the cannabis plant and flowers. Out of these natural sources, various products like CBD oil, topicals, lotions, vape juices, etc. are obtained. Therefore, they have to undergo a certain extraction process.

In this article, we shall describe the various processes through which you can obtain the best CBD vape juice or any other CBD based products that are sold in the Just CBD Store.

  • Supercritical CO2 extraction

This extraction method uses supercritical carbon dioxide for sorting out CBD oil from the natural plants. The term “Supercritical” is used because CO2 has the properties of having 2 different states gas and also a liquid state.

Several pressurized pumps and chambers are used for exposing CO2 to high pressure and too low temperatures, which helps in extracting oil containing CBD in high amounts.

During the beginning of extraction, one chamber is going to have pressurized CO2, and another pressurized chamber will hold the hemp plant.

The CO2 will then be pumped from your first chamber to the second chamber. Due to the presence of supercritical CO2, it will break down the hemp in the other chamber, as a result, the oil gets separated from the plant material.

Finally, both CO2 and oil will be pumped together into another chamber. The gas will evaporate, and you will obtain a pure CBD oil extract.

  • Steam distillation

With the steam distillation process, steam will cause the CBD oil to get separated from the hemp plant. In a glass flask, the hemp plant will be contained. The flask will have an inlet and an outlet.

The inlet will be connected to another glass container, under the plant flask, that will contain water set to boil. The outlet will remain connected to one condenser tube.

  1. When water is heated, the steam will move up into the plant flask and separate the oil vapors containing CBD.
  2. All these vapors will be collected in a tube where it will condense into oil and water.
  3. After that, this oil and water mixture will be is purified for distilling the CBD oil out of water.
  •   Solvent extraction

For extracting the CBD in this solvent extraction process, alcohol, butane, ethanol, propane or isopropyl will be used. It is the least expensive option and also an easy and fast way to do it. Also, it is most dangerous because of the presence of highly flammable contents of the liquids.

In this method, the plant waxes get dissolved that hold a few nutrients too. It will extract the cannabinoids and also the chlorophyll that may offer a few products a bitter taste.

To start this process, plant and flowers trimmings will be put into a bud vase. Then the entire solvent is run through the substance, and cannabinoids will get stripped. Then the evaporation process will leave the concentrated cannabinoids in the form of an oil.

All these are a few of the most common methods used for extracting CBD, and each of these methods has certain pros and cons of their own.

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