Male fantasies have always ranged from domination to submission to exhibitionism and voyeurism. The thing with sexual fantasies is that they may push you beyond your boundaries and you may end up imagining situations that rarely occur and this makes you want to explore how deep your desires run. There are some fantasies that you will find your self imagining them over and over again and you just hope that someday they become a reality.

With Escort 92, all those sexual fantasies that you have been imagining can be brought to reality with the high-class escorts that they will offer you and you can always make a choice on the kind of escort you want to fulfill your fantasies with.  Some of the common male fantasies that you can hire an escort service are listed as follows:

  1. One-night stand

It is very natural for men to dream of having a detached and casual love affair with a stranger and fulfilling this kind of desire is not that difficult for most men but for those men who are in a committed relationship, this can be a bit challenging. However, this doesn’t mean that you can fulfill your desires as you can always call an escort service and they will give you a hot and sexy lady that you can have your one-night stand with.  Since both of you understand that the arrangement you had was at an erotic level you will be able to go your separate way without any kind of misunderstanding.

  1. A threesome

One of the dreams that men have in regards to their sexual desire is having two passionate women who can play with him the sensual love games. Finding two women who can agree to have sex with you can be very difficult as most women hate sharing a man. With escort services, you can be able to fulfill your threesome sexual fantasy by hiring bisexual escorts and you will be able to watch them as they play with each other and then join you.

  1. Anal sex

Most men dream of having anal sex with their partner but them most of the women don’t like it and when they do it, it’s like they are being forced to do it. Men will always fantasize about anything that they are not getting from their partner. If you have always dreamt of having anal sex but you have never gotten the opportunity to, you can always call an escort service agency and let them arrange it for you and you will then see your fantasy coming into reality.

  1. Being pursued by their partner

The simplest fantasy that most men dream of is having their partner take control and direct the script for even a single day.  Men always find excitement in women with confidence whether they are partly dominant or they just go for what they want. Sometimes as a man, you may feel tired of always being the pursuer. With most escorts, the love being dominant and hence you will always have to play the submissive role.

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