One of the latest discoveries from the woman’s point of view is the G spot. Dr. Ernst Grafenberg coin this term to describe the female erogenous zone that is located in front of her vagina wall. Once you stimulate the G spot, it unleashes explosive sexual pleasures.

Most men don’t welcome this idea because locating the G spot is a daunting task. The G spot is the holy grain of the sexual pleasure for any woman. If you don’t do this, she will start looking for alternatives. The good thing about stimulating the G spot is that it is easier than you could be thinking. It will give your woman an easy and quick climax.

  • Use Erotic Movies to Turn Her on

This technique is great if you want to make a woman orgasm remotely. Before trying to stimulate the G spot, it is good to arouse your girl sexually. Watching a romantic movie together with her will arouse her quickly. Most women love watching movies that have erotic scenes. The movies that fall in this genre have sensual scenes and a lot of romance appeal. If she enjoys this movie, it will do a lot of the foreplays for you. However, don’t wait for the show to finish before attempting sex. Make sure you keep the remote control in your hand. As she continues to watch the movie, caress and kiss her all over the body. When the foreplay is unexpected, it will enhance her sexual pleasure greatly and make her to feel loved.

  • Locating Her G Spot

The next thing to do is using your tongue and finger to stimulate her clitoris. Remember to be gentle and light with the clitoris because it is extremely sensitive. As you continue to feel higher levels of wetness, slide one of the fingers on the vaginal wall. You will come across a rough and walnut tissue that is located on the front wall of the vagina which is her G-spot. After locating the G-Spot, use consistent pressure and tempo to press on it.

  • Make Love

Once your woman experiences orgasm, you can proceed and have sexual intercourse to use your penis to stimulate the G spot. It is highly recommended to use the rare entry positions because it allows the penis to run over the G-spot.

These are very important facts about sex that very few people talk about. Women tend to take a longer time to get aroused and warm up for sex in comparison to their male counterparts. However, the sex arousal of men lasts for a shorter period in comparison to that of women.

To sexually pleasure your woman as much as possible, make sure she gets to the very peak of the arousal level. Teasing her can make sure that she gets to this point of orgasm. You can even make the woman excites without touching her. The common tactics include sniffing her like a dig in heat and teasing. All these are great strategies to make a woman orgasm remotely.

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