Sex is an important part of our life and all adults irrespective of their status, nationality or ethnicity will love to enjoy their sex life.

However, often sex can be too monotonous, if certain new ideas are missing while indulging in sex. People often visit to high class London escorts and get many different new ideas so that they can get little change from their regular sex life.

You can get plenty of new sex ideas while indulging in sex with professional escorts and some of the new sex ideas are mentioned in this short article. Read them and enjoy your best sex with your regular sex partner too.

Have a great communication before sex

It is a great idea to have good communication with your sex partner before you go to bed with him or her. Both must share their liking and disliking about sex so that you will know each other’s taste.

Also, during sex, it is important to share each other’s feeling so that both can do their best to offer more pleasure to each other during the act too.

Start slow

Sex can be enjoyed more if instead of hurrying, you must slow down and arouse each other by talking sexy, complimenting each other, touching each other at right place so that both can get enough stimulation.

You must take sufficient time in foreplay before actually going for real penetration. You can always relish your sex more by going slow initially.

Reward and punishment

You may consider rewarding and punishing you partner for certain things of your mutual interest. Make sure that not only reward but also the punishment should not hurt any one rather it can also produce enough excitement.

For example, a partner who reaches to his or her orgasm quickly will get a spank. If the male partner can hold his orgasm and make his partner cum multiple times then he will get some good treat etc.

Some of the typical rewards and punishments are as follows:

  • Rewards
  1. Oral sex for 10 seconds
  2. Hand job for 20 seconds
  3. Sex for 15 seconds
  4. Passionate kissing for 60 seconds
  5. Massaging vital sex organs for 30 seconds
  • Punishments
  1. Face slapping
  2. Grabbing balls
  3. Pinching
  4. Spanking
  5. Tickling

You can come up with many more kinky ideas of rewards and punishment.

Hair pulling during the act

Pulling hair during the intense moment can greatly enhance pleasure, however while pulling hair remember following few things:

  1. Most pleasurable area of the scalp is back, which is opposite side of the face
  2. Try to use your 4 fingers on back of his or her neck, just below hairline. Then push them upwards slowly and lightly scratching the scalp by using your nails while doing.
  3. While reaching the head top, grab the hair gently and now, you are not pulling it out from the scalp and also, you should not be too gentle too that your partner will not feel it at all.
  4. Start by pulling slowly downwards and allow the hair to slip from your grip gradually while doing.

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