Who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of establishing new relationships someone new. This could give a huge smile on our face, especially after the wonderful first date. We may feel that lovely giddy feeling and the excitement that we could finally find “The One”. It is the moment when we often daydream about our future and we imagine that we will eventually get married with the new person. Unfortunately, it is probably not a good idea to over invest ourselves on someone, no matter how promising it feels. This is especially true when we have gotten very clear about his or her character. Before we make a new commitment to each other, it is important to be really sure about her or him, because there’s still a possibility that our new lover disappears without a trace.

This may sound like something dishonest to do, but it is probably a good idea to date a few persons. This could make us feeling centered and calm. However, it is important to do this carefully, because some people may not appreciate the fact that we are dating a few persons at once. However, we should remember one fact that if someone gets away, how long before we could find someone else. Dating several people could give us a sense of security and we won’t be too concerned if one guy somehow stops calling us. We are less likely to obsess one someone and we could have more objectivity in analyzing the person. In fact, there are many cases when our dates purposely try to make us feel bored and disinterested by doing questionable things, such as spending much of the time texting with his/her friends.

Dating several people could also prevent us having that kind of sinking heart feeling when we need to start all over again. Because we are dating with several people, it isn’t necessary to start over from scratch. If we really enjoy daydreaming about things in future, it is important to get clearer visions. At this stage, we are just auditioning several people and we should let our dates to show us who they really are. They may have genuine interest in us, but probably not. Once we find the right person for us, it is time to make true commitment to each other. It will be a perfect time to invest to our heart’s content.

Unfortunately, things can get rather complicated when we have two or three candidates who look equally genuine. This may sound harsh, but at this situation, we may need to check their qualities and find the best among the goods. It may be tricky to tell them how to terminate the date. In this case, we need to be sensitive and respect them. They could feel the disappointment about our decision and it is probably not a good idea to tell them we already choose someone else, because we date him/her at the same time.

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